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Evan Moncrieff, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

From the time he was young, Evan was interested in helping others. As he grew he was known to his family and friends as a person who was good with his hands. Whether providing leadership and encouragement to classmates, or assisting his father in making and fixing things, Evan’s natural empathy and skill with his hands was sought after by others.

In 2010, after working at the Toronto Stock Exchange for 7 years, he began to think seriously about changing career paths. Evan wanted a more direct, hands on method to connect with people and help them move through life in a vibrant, healthy way. Later that year he was accepted to the Massage Therapy program at Humber College. Over his 3 years of study, and during his practice, Evan has gained experience with a range of diverse clients from infants and palliative patients, to high level athletes and the seriously ill.

In addition to massage and spending time with his friends, Evan enjoys reading and being outdoors. When he’s not involved in his massage therapy practice, he can often be found hiking or cycling one of the many trails around Victoria, a much more nature filled city then his native Toronto.

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