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Ian Mason, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Ian began his career as a Massage Therapist in 2006 after graduating from Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic in Toronto.  He went on to work at a variety of multidisciplinary clinics and an Urban Spa where he developed his skills in trigger point therapy, myo-fascial release, muscle testing, relaxation massage, shiatsu acupressure, and his general sense of touch.

In 2014 Ian left Toronto and moved to Victoria via a one year working-holiday in New Zealand. In New Zealand Ian rested his hands from the wear and tear of massage and worked as a coffee barista. Once in Victoria, he resumed his work as an RMT amongst the delightful staff of the Parkside Spa.

After a few years in the spa environment, Ian decided he needed to return to a more clinical setting.  He jumped on the opportunity to join the team at Moss Healthcare and continue helping people through massage.

When not massaging, Ian can be found spending time with his family, developing websites,  drinking coffee, or any combination of the three.

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