5 reasons to maximize your 2017 benefits

Time is running out….

Just a gentle reminder that you have less than 5 weeks left to take advantage of your 2017 group health benefits.

  1. Deductibles: If you’ve paid your plan’s health cost deductibles for this year, why wait until 2018 for your next treatment? A new year is the beginning of a new deductible amount. Save money – make your next dental, orthotics, chiropractic, massage or other health appointment before year-end.
  2. Maximize your health care tax deductions for this year and the savings will increase your refund or decrease your tax owing. Remember that any amounts not covered by your group health plan are tax deductible. Save your receipts and submit them to the CRA at tax time.
  3. If you need dental work, for example, start now and use up your 2017 benefit maximums, then continue your dental treatments in the new year when your new maximum begins. Benefits don’t roll over from year to year so if you need something done, why wait?
  4. There’s less than 5 weeks left and our health care appointments fill up quickly as people take advantage of these money saving ideas. And your personal holiday planning starts to fill up your time – make an appointment today for the treatments you need but have been putting off.
  5. There’s nothing like a therapeutic massage by one of our RMTs to take the stress out of Holiday planning.