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143 Moss Street

Office Policies

  1. No pets unless they are prescribed comfort animals.  We do have patients/clients who are hypersensitive to animal dander; however, we also understand the need for comfort animals and will do our best to accommodate everyone.
  2. Moss Healthcare strives to be a Scent Free Zone as we do have patients/clients/staff who are hypersensitive to scents.  One of our staff members has a strong allergy to rose scents, for example.  Please take a second thought before your appointment to be considerate of others.
  3. Should you find it necessary to cancel and reschedule your appointment, please give us 24 hours notice.  We do have a cancellation fee in place, and this is to respect the time of our practitioners.  We of course understand fully that emergencies sometimes occur, and it may not be possible to comply; we are not unreasonable.

These policies are in place for the purpose of mutual respect.  Thank you for your understanding.