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Dr. Judith Monk-Bidgood Testimonials

“After 30+ years of Sciatica and back pain, I finally have relief. Dr. Monk has been great. She uses the most up-to-date treatments and has helped me so much in the short time I have been seeing her.
Thank you Dr Judy!”

“My adjustment from Dr. Judy helped me with circulation to my feet. My feet warmed up after being cold for months and they are still warm now! The care I received also stopped the shooting pain to my feet and toes; less cramping in my legs as well. I totally appreciate it.”
-John E.
April 2016

“In April 2015 I stretched awkwardly across my car to reach my purse and experienced a very bad muscle spasm in my arm. The next morning, Saturday, I could hardly move and was in great pain. My previous Chiropractor did not work on Saturdays but I had heard that a new Health Centre had opened nearby and that it provided Chiropractic services. I was pleasantly surprised when I phoned and found that they did open on Saturdays and that a Doctor Judith Monk would be able to see me that very morning.

I found her to be extremely thorough and very understanding . Her diagnosis, which proved to be very accurate, was that I had a “frozen/cold” shoulder. I was planning to travel on holiday just four weeks later and she was able to provide intensive treatment which meant that I was fit and able to travel by that time.

I was so impressed by her attitude and kindness that I changed from my previous Chiropractor and have since recommended her services to several friends.

Yours truly,”
-Wendy Taylor

“When I first saw Dr. Judy, I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough to eat anything but soft foods, and I couldn’t undergo prescribed dental work because of extreme pain and severely restricted movement. Dr. Judy explained from the beginning that I had a huge role to play in my return to normal movement. Following a program of chiropractic care including adjustments and therapies that helped balance the muscles around my jaw, I was able to fully open my mouth less than two months later. With my continued program of dental and chiropractic care, I may no longer undergo oral surgery on my TMJ.”
-Rochelle W.
Feb. 11 2016

‘I liked my session with Dr. Judy. She was friendly, explained everything, and didn’t make me feel rushed.’

“My orthotics are wonderful. Many thanks to you. I am, and I feel so fortunate to have found you and your wonderful staff.
Fondest Regards,
-Wendy L.

“Dr Judy is wonderful, her time and effort leads to overall stress relief for my body”

“Hello Dr Judy, the biggest thanks ever for all your help and kindness you have shown. Better sleep, posture, state of mind. Chiropractic is always there for me.”

“I find the people at Bidgood Chiropractic very friendly and accommodating. I love Dr. Judith Monk-Bidgood’s style of chiropractic services. She doesn’t just look at cracking the bones back into place, she focuses on the big picture of the human body. She takes care to recognize that the bones, muscles and soft tissues all work together as one to move as effectively as possible.

She takes initiative to contact and work together, with scientific and naturopathic medical personnel, in order to treat and help the patient as much as possible.

I find all of this very refreshing and it makes my treatment sessions very easy to attend. Thank you for all of your help and with getting my body back on a healthy track.”
-Karla A.

“This is my first experience wearing custom orthotics and I can’t believe how quickly they resolved some of my issues. I wish now that I hadn’t waited until I was 60+ to get them. Knee pain all but gone after only several weeks! Thank you so much Dr. Judy. Before this, I didn’t know that my feet could smile!”
-R. Bellows

“I’ve been going to Bidgood Chiropractic since it opened up. Dr. Judy has helped me a lot. My shoulder has got a lot better and my quality of life has improved so much. I’m so grateful for the good work they do.”
-Craig B.

“I felt like Super Woman after my first visit with Dr. Judy!”
-Gwen T.

What a wonderful testimonial to receive by an very grateful employer to both Dr.’s Bidgood!
I recently had a worker injured, not on the job, but it would have impacted her ability to work. I sent her to see Jayne. Jayne took very good care of my team member, to the point that I was beyond impressed. They don’t just know the body, they know all the other influences from food intake, and what I should be, nutrition and how it can aid the body. They have studied long and hard, and their clients reap the reward of their labour.