Acupuncture for Kids is Gaining in Popularity

This month’s blog Feature Writer is Stephanie Doerksen, R.Ac. Many people are surprised by the idea of treating children with acupuncture but it is quickly gaining in popularity for several reasons. The first one is that it’s effective! Acupuncture works just as well for kids as it does for adults and often has even faster […]

Dr. Judy is Retiring!

An extraordinary chiropractic career isn’t made overnight. It is the sum of many days, each one spent showing up, giving it your all, helping everyone you can, and making profound changes in the lives of those who seek your care. Dr. Judy has always brought her very best to her patients, and she has enriched […]

Spotlight: Evan Moncrieff, RMT

Featured in this month’s Practitioner Spotlight is Evan Moncrieff, Registered Massage Therapist. Evan has been with Moss Healthcare since it opened more than five years ago. He has grown a substantial and loyal clientele with his therapeutic skills, excellent table-side manor, and his healing touch. We are proud to have Evan on our team.   […]

Spotlight: Dr. Orissa Forest

This month we are featuring Dr. Orissa Forest of Forest Medicine. She grew up on the west coast of Canada, in British Columbia, and earned her Doctor of Naturopathy degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Ontario.     What brought you to become a naturopathic physician? Dr. Forest: Health and well-being have […]

Spotlight: Dr. Milton

Dr. Milton is a Chiropractor and is featured in our Spotlight this month! He grew up just outside of London and graduated from the Anglo-European Chiropractic College in the south of England. Dr. Milton made the big move to Canada almost a decade ago and absolutely loves it here. He is passionate about health, life, […]

Spotlight: Dr. Tim Paré

Featured in this month’s Spotlight is Dr. Timothy Paré, Registered Psychologist. A local to Fairfield, he has been practicing for over 30 years. 1) What brought you to psychology? Well two things come to mind. First, in my final year of high school in Montreal, psychology was being offered as a course for the first […]

Spotlight: Dr. Judy

Featured in this month’s Practitioner Spotlight is Dr. Judith Monk-Bidgood, Doctor of Chiropractic. Known to her patients as Dr. Judy, she has been practicing at Moss Healthcare since it opened. She works with individuals in the community, and beyond, to help them achieve their healthcare goals and to help restore them to their optimal best. […]

Spotlight: Flourish Naturopathic

What and when was the beginning of your collaboration for creating Flourish Naturopathic? Dr. Alexis: We met at Naturopathic school, though we hadn’t gotten to know each other well yet. When Dr. Shannon made the decision to move to Victoria she contacted me with the idea of a women’s health focused clinic. Shannon came to […]

How Many Feet are in Your Family?

Can we make our favourite shoes (and therefore our feet!) more functional? When you think about it, humans are the only animals who have chosen to wear restrictive traditional shoes and boots on their feet. We also spend most of our day walking on artificially flat surfaces. We wear these shoes so we can get […]

The Benefits of Massage During Winter (Like you needed a reason!)

It’s no secret that Massage Therapy is beneficial year-round. Here are four extra reasons why a winter massage might be just what the doctor ordered:   Fighting the Winter Blues Massage creates a positive effect on the endocrine system – a chemical messenger system consisting of hormones. The balance of hormones is very important for […]