FACIAL AESTHETICS and Pain Management now including BOTOX

Continuing with her special interest in Aesthetics, Dr Shaila, and our CDA Monica, have just returned from further hands on studies at the Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics in Vancouver.

At Moss Healthcare we are very pleased to announce we will now be offering the options and possibilities for Enhanced Facial Aesthetics for our patients and clients, on an elective basis, using the latest conservative botulinum techniques with Dr Shaila.

This will be a welcome addition to our long established Aesthetic Dentistry capabilities, now spanning over four decades of team experience, from the very earliest days of “Cosmetic Dentistry”.

We will also now offer botulinum toxin (Botox) on a therapeutic basis, as a possible treatment for certain types of TMJ related pain, and other types of facial and head and neck pain management.

This will be a great clinical addition to our existing time proven techniques! These can include simple or complex Dental bite adjustments, night or daytime use custom teeth-grinding/clenching guards, Chiropractic diagnosis and care, Registered Massage Therapy, stress reduction techniques with our Registered Psychologist or our Clinical Counsellor, and possible overall Naturopathic Medicine Diagnosis and lifestyle recommendations.

As well as conventional individual treatment, an integrated team approach is always possible at Moss Healthcare, and “preventive maintenance is always the best and most cost effective option, for all of us!”

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Dr. John Bidgood