How Many Feet are in Your Family?

Can we make our favourite shoes (and therefore our feet!) more functional?

When you think about it, humans are the only animals who have chosen to wear restrictive traditional shoes and boots on their feet. We also spend most of our day walking on artificially flat surfaces. We wear these shoes so we can get around better and thrive in our environment; they’ve enabled us to explore and travel through harsh terrains whilst keeping our feet toasty and dry. Brilliant inventions! They certainly allow us to do the sports and fun activities we love, which hopefully help keep us fit and healthy.

Unfortunately, a lifetime of wearing shoes has meant that our feet are not properly conditioned for walking on the ground; this means that our feet are inefficient at adapting to our environment. This results in feet with less than optimal muscular control at best and, more often than not, arches which are no longer able to absorb shock. In the worst scenarios, we see completely collapsed arches and bony foot deformities caused by arthritic changes, bunions, and lower limb rotation resulting in ankle, knee, hip and lower back dysfunctions. The problems can just keep reaching up our spine from there!

Luckily human’s big brains have come up with a simple solution which can really help support your feet and those of your family who might benefit from their very own custom made foot orthotics. We use the latest cutting edge foot scanner to comprehensively see where the stresses are in your feet. Combined with a foam cast of your foot and the information collected with our scanner, an orthotic to fit all your favourite shoes can be tailor made.

Depending on your individual lifestyle needs, we have a wide variety of orthotics to choose from:

  • SuperFlex: Those who require one pair of orthotics that can be worn in a variety of shoes.
  • SportFlex: Athletes and other active patients who require moderate to maximum biomechanical control.
  • RunFlex: Specially engineered for the high performance runner.
  • DressFlex: Patients who require mild to moderate biomechanical control in their narrow dress shoes. Designed primarily for women.
  • SafetyFlex: Specially engineered for the patient who is on their feet all day in a rugged environment and wants the ultimate in comfort, shock absorption, stability, support and durability. Great for Steel toe/composite safety boots.
  • EagleFlex: Golfers who require comfort and support while walking the golf course.
  • CourtFlex: Specially engineered for the high performance court player, such as basketball or tennis.
  • SoccerFlex: Soccer players who require moderate to maximum biomechanical control. Great for cleats.
  • SkiFlex: This sports enhancing orthotic has been specially designed for narrow cut ski boots or skates.
  • DiabeticFlex: Diabetic patients with sensitive feet who require an accommodative device. Specifically designed to relieve high pressure areas and prevent the formation of ulcers on the diabetic foot.
  • DynaFlange: Patients looking for extra shock absorption and introduces elastic energy into their step, creating propulsive energy through the gait cycle.
    … And more!!

Give us a call or book online for your gaitscan and assessment for orthotics by one of our Chiropractors today! We’d love to help all the feet in your family out!