Mindfulness Training for Student and Family Members

Improve participants’ cognitive control, emotional regulation and self-awareness.

Benefits of mindfulness :
Higher performance in terms of efficiency, quality and creativity… when writing papers, preparing an exam, performing on stage… with more willingness and enjoyment

Other benefits of mindfulness and meditation: (for participant’s other concerns)

  • Physical: whole brain synchronization, Master stress, more energy, better sleep, less pain….
  • Mental: Tame monkey mind, positive mindset, strong willpower and self-discipline, concentration ….
  • Emotional: control and cure stress/anger/anxiety/depression/insecurity, more stability, happiness, tolerance…
  • Spiritual: inner silence, awakening, compassion, gratitude, connectedness with family/nature/society…

By remaining calm, filtering distraction, sustaining attention, being mindful of body/mind/emotion while focusing more consistently and appropriately in face of academic demands and stressors.

Student of junior school, high school, undergraduate, postgraduate and its family members

What is mindfulness and mindfulness meditation, science behind mindfulness?
Body scanning, breath work, attention/concentration training and practise (50% of teaching) R.A.I.N technique for thoughts and emotion management, in forms of interesting, interactive games.
Living in the NOW…

Any time between 9:30am and 4pm on Sundays (starting from Nov.18th)

Duration and Cost: (half price starting from second family member)

  • One session: 90$ for 90 minutes
  • Three sessions: $210 for total 240 minutes in three separate sessions
  • 90 minutes (1st session), 75 minutes (2nd session), 75 minutes (3rd session)

Instructor: Dong Wei Li

  • Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (dip), Registered Acupuncturist & Herbalist, 8 years of experience
  • Devoted Buddhist with an open heart for more than 6 years
  • 8 years of practicing at Meditation, Qi Gong, Yoga, body-mind-spirit self-healing
  • Has successfully run workshops of Self Care Acupressure, Tao Meditation, Zen Meditation and is hosting group mediation twice a week in Remedy Wellness Centre

Suggestions from instructor:
It’s ideal if you could bring another classmate or friend of your child at same or similar age, who is interested in this training too. Training in small group of 2-3 participants could be more productive and intriguing. I may teach in small group with your permission.

Our body has a much deeper wisdom of self-healing than we can imagine, I am here to help you press the “Start Button”.
Namaste —- Dong Wei Li

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