Spotlight: Dr. Orissa Forest

This month we are featuring Dr. Orissa Forest of Forest Medicine. She grew up on the west coast of Canada, in British Columbia, and earned her Doctor of Naturopathy degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Ontario.



What brought you to become a naturopathic physician?

Dr. Forest: Health and well-being have always been a central focus for me. Previously, I’ve explored this working as an environmental chemistry consultant in Canada, teaching yoga in New Zealand, and working with medicinal plants in Ecuador. By becoming a naturopathic physician, I was able to continue building my knowledge and my passion. Now I can engage one on one with patients to work with them toward their health goals.

What has it been like for you working at Moss Healthcare?

Dr. Forest: Moss Healthcare is a wonderful place to work at. The diversity of patients inspires me, and allows me to employ a broad range of treatments, such as balancing hormones or optimizing digestion, working with specific diets such as vegan or vegetarian. Laser treatment I use often for chronic pain, surgery recovery, and skin conditions. For a variety of other services from massage to dental I can rely on our excellent team members.

Moss Healthcare has great hours. I can work some Saturdays, which is convenient for patients who are busy during the week. And then they can stop by the Moss Street Market for fresh produce and lunch.

What have you learned for yourself as a naturopathic physician?

Dr. Forest: Taking time out for myself. A walk to Dallas Road or a cup of tea can be a real gift. It is important to carve out time for oneself, as the days fill up quickly.

How do you spend your time outside of Moss Healthcare?

Dr. Forest: I enjoy spending time outdoors, growing medicinal plants for various projects outside of Moss Healthcare.

You will often find me sitting with a cup of tea and a good book. Reading international novels opens perspectives and invites me to new places to explore.


Would you share a favourite Fall recipe with us?

Dr. Forest: During the change of seasons, moving to warm foods is a good idea. A simple, quick, nourishing, and delicious way to start the day is with cooked steel cut oats with fresh almond cream and berries. You can find the details on my Instagram profile. @dr.forest.medicine

What is the one wish you have for all your patients?

Dr. Forest: My wish for patients is to experience health in a practical way that brings them joy and more energy to do the things they love. I strive to empower patients so they can tune-in with themselves and their health.

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