Spotlight: Flourish Naturopathic

What and when was the beginning of your collaboration for creating Flourish

Dr. Alexis: We met at Naturopathic school, though we hadn’t gotten to know each other well yet. When Dr. Shannon made the decision to move to Victoria she contacted me with the idea of a women’s health focused clinic. Shannon came to work with me at Cook Street Village Health Centre and the collaboration grew from there. We have a similar vision, style of practice and areas of interest. It has been wonderful to have someone to run a naturopathic practice with as we are both busy working moms.

Do you have any special areas of interest?

We are both passionate about women’s health. We work with women in all stages of life from the teenage years, pregnancy, motherhood, menopause and beyond. We treat everything from hormone imbalances, digestive concerns, auto-immune conditions, inflammatory conditions, mood concerns and stress related concerns. We take a wellness based approach and work towards optimizing health and vitality. We also have a “Well Pregnancy Program” and a “Well Child Program”.

What has your experience been like having your practice at Moss Healthcare?

We love working at Moss Healthcare. Our consult room is lovely and bright, our colleagues and staff are fabulous and with such a short walk to the ocean means if we have the odd break, we have a perfect walk to go on.

Do you enjoy working in Fairfield?

Dr. Alexis: Yes! I love Fairfield, it’s beautiful and quiet, I love to look at the old houses and walk to Cook St. Village and the ocean!

Where is the most favourite place you’ve traveled?

Dr. Shannon: My husband and I are originally from Winnipeg and we feel so blessed to raise our family here on the west coast. We love the Gulf Islands and local beaches like Mystic Beach. I recently went on a yoga/meditation retreat in Costa Rica that was spectacular!
Dr. Alexis: I can’t possibly choose just one! I love to be warm and I love to be near water so I usually travel to places by the sea. Two of the places that I keep going back to are Hawaii and Hornby Island.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned for yourself as a naturopathic

In naturopathic medicine school we learned that in order to support others in healing, we needed to start with healing ourselves. We both strive to live in a way that supports our best health: mind, body, and spirit. How we do this comes from our learning as naturopathic doctors but also from the learning that we take from our patients – they teach us so much!

What is the one wish you have for all your patients?

We always say that our patients are their own best doctors. Our goal is to be their health advocate and teach them how to support their body in healing, through
lifestyle and food as medicine. We wish for our patients to feel their very best so that
they can live their best life.