Update for Moss Street Paint-in July 15, 2017

In support of the annual Moss Street Paint-in July 15, our offerings to the community include the following:

Moss Healthcare Prize Draws – As usual, this year we have glorious gift baskets filled with presents just for you, with gifts from all of our practitioners. Somewhere there is an electric toothbrush giveaway (valued at $150), and a wonderful assortment from our naturopathic doctors. Drop by and fill out the moss green ballot, answer the skill-testing question, and pop it into the long glass cylinder. We also have bright green goodie bags for you to take away.

We also offer:

  1. Children’s Face Painting by donation
  2. 50% off custom oral sports guards if booked on or before July 15
  3. $100 off Zoom Tooth whitening if booked on or before July 15. Transferable to others.
  4. Baked goods by Marilyn Archibald, and bottled water at nominal prices.
  5. Complimentary Computerized Gait Scanning for Custom Foot Orthotics if booked on July 15. How can Custom Foot Orthotics help you? Stop by and chat with Sydney, who has first-hand experience in wearing CFOs. We are pleased to offer a FREE GAIT SCAN ANALYSIS if booked the same day as the Paint-In (July 15). Over 4,000 sensors scan your feet dynamically and statically so that the lab can construct orthotics specifically designed for YOU. CFOs help correct muscle imbalances and your gait line, which helps with your overall alignment. Our patients LOVE their CFOs!
  6. Complimentary Chiropractic hand or foot treatment if booked on July 15. We know that you all love Biofreeze, so here’s your chance to pick up a free sample at the Moss Street Paint-in on July 15, 11:00 – 4:00; one sample per person, please. BF is a cold therapy; it’s like applying ice to an injury to help reduce pain and inflammation; rubbing on the gel sample, you are not tied down to an icepack. If you would like a larger quantity, we sell three different styles: roll-on, tube, spray.
  7. 20% off Medical Esthetics services by Luminesce Skin Rejuvenation and 20% off Lash Extensions & Body Sugaring by Tessentials booked on July 15th.
  8. Flourish ND Promotion to be announced
  9. Chair Massages at nominal cost & discounted RMT appointments if booked on July 15
  10. Dental Exams for all ages, including X-rays and Hygiene at 20% reduction if booked on July 15


We wish to inform you also of our ability to offer Dentistry for those who require it, or for those who wish it, under minimal oral Sedation including Nitrous Oxide (“Laughing gas”).

We are also authorized at our facility to offer Deep Sedation on site, with the added safety of a very experienced Medical Anaesthetist. We currently have 2 Saturdays set aside on July 22 and August 5 for that purpose.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from these added services, please contact at:

Please view our new website for updates:

And if you like what we are doing at Moss Healthcare, please tell your family and friends about us!

We would love to hear from you!

Kind regards,
Dr. John Bidgood

Ps: One of our cool give-aways this year is a life-size paper spine, compliments of our chiropractor, Dr. Judy. Full of fascinating facts, this double-sided, fold-out brochure clearly shows how a healthy spine protects the vital nervous system link between your brain and your body. It will give people of all ages a new appreciation of the importance of proper spinal curves, posture, and its effects on whole-body health.