Wondering What To Give That Special Person In Your Life?

Gifts of Wellness Are Always Appreciated and Show How Much You Care

You’ve wandered through the mall, popped into shops that looked promising or scrolled through dozens of websites looking for something meaningful and personal.

And come up dry.

What gift could you give that will show your love and caring?

When it’s this challenging to get someone a present it’s often because they are especially important to you and you want to show them you appreciate them.

You don’t want to give them something they will “re-gift” or return, or put on a shelf and forget.

Perhaps you want to do something thoughtful and kind for someone who is always helping others.

  • A busy mom?
  • The overwhelmed primary caregiver for an elderly parent or spouse.
  • Your parents?
  • A friend or family member who is struggling with depression, self esteem issues or emotional eating
  • Your spouse?
  • Yourself?

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates for merchandise are popular last – minute “go to” items – they have them for everything – liquor, books, building supplies, groceries, music downloads, movies, and lots of other things that let the gift recipient choose.

And while there’s nothing wrong with a gift card that allows someone to purchase a can of paint, or an app, is that something that will light up their face when they see it, – that will make them happy, and feel good?

Instead, why not give a gift of wellness – something that will make them feel good, and that just might be the start of a lasting journey of self-care.

Moss Healthcare Centre offers Gift Certificates for a variety of treatments and services.

  • A one hour therapeutic massage
  • An acupuncture consultation and treatments
  • A rejuvenating facial at Luminesce
  • A consultation with a psychologist or one of our counsellors
  • A consultation with one of our naturopathic doctors to discuss nutrition, stress, sleep problems, finding balance
  • A dental cleaning and polish with one of our Hygienists
  • Zoom tooth whitening to brighten a smile and help improve confidence.
  • Custom Foot Orthotics with one of our Chiropractors
  • A complete Dental Checkup including any necessary X-rays to start fresh with one of our Dentists

Give the gift of health today and watch someone you love feel better.

To order you Gift Certificates, please call: 778-406-1177