Your Guide To the Ultimate, Holistic Makeover

Timeless, Proven, Everyday Practices That Will Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body and Spirit and Make You Feel (and Look) Like a Superstar!

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi

Looking and feeling our best is, for most of us, a constant goal. We all want to sleep soundly and wake up rested, to be a healthy weight, to be able to let go of worry and trauma and to feel proud of the reflection we see in the mirror.

We want to feel happy.

For some of us, achieving those simple goals means embracing some changes and taking steps to attain what we want. Often that entails a multifaceted approach because changing just one aspect of our behaviour or appearance doesn’t guarantee happiness; after all, we humans are delightfully complex beings with a penchant for procrastination and for maintaining the status quo!

But even small changes can have a positive cumulative effect and allow us the confidence and energy to achieve more.

Looking At What’s Inside

Let’s start with the mind-body connection.

Chronic depression and or ongoing feelings of grief, stress, anxiety or sadness can sap your energy, cause digestive disruptions and muscle pain, make you gain or lose weight, and rob you of sleep.

Mental stress shows in your posture and on your face. Unhappiness etches lines around the mouth and eyes that only a smile can erase. But you don’t feel like smiling.

Taking medication to treat the symptoms is common, but it is only one of many treatment options.

Moss Street Healthcare Centre’s holistic approach focuses on treating your whole being – mind, body, and spirit – to help you feel better. Optimum nutrition, regular exercise, talk-therapy, and acupuncture are a few of the holistic modalities we advocate along with medication if needed, to help ensure recovery.


Yes, this discipline may be your best first step to resolving the mind-body conflict and getting back your smile!

Does it work?

Psychology Today, and the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) describe some promising recent studies that show that acupuncture is effective in treating anxiety, depression, and stress.

One study recruited 755 people with moderate to severe depression. Seventy percent of the patients had been on anti-depressants and continued on them throughout the study. The study concluded that both acupuncture and counselling (or both) had a strongly positive effect on depression, lowering the depression scale from an average of 16 out of 27 at the start of the study, to 9 for acupuncture and 11 for counselling at its conclusion. The benefits lasted 3 months after treatment had concluded.[i]

Moss Street Healthcare Centre’s registered acupuncturist Dong Wei Li, R. Ac & Dr. TCM has helped patients seeking relief from headaches, insomnia, dizziness, chronic and acute pain, depression, digestive, and other internal organ disorders.

Dong Wei Li uses acupuncture to clear toxicity and stagnation and stimulate the vital flow of Qi (pronounced Chi). Acupuncture and specific Chinese herbal formulas can balance emotions and help you feel more energized.

Qi balance creates and enhances inner beauty, harmony, and peace.

“Our body has a much deeper wisdom of self-healing than we can imagine, I am here to help you press the “Start Button.” Namaste —- Dong Wei Li

Talk therapy is valuable alone or in conjunction with other modalities.

Moss Street Healthcare’s Registered Psychologist Kathleen Gingras utilizes many approaches in her work with clients:

“Lasting change is ready to happen when we can work with all the pieces of the puzzle and learn to see how each piece interacts with one another to make the entire picture complete.” – Kathleen Gingras

Registered counsellors can help too

Our Clinical Counsellor Geoff Williams offers clients help with their depression, anxiety, work stress, parent-child conflict, couple discord, addiction, and trauma. Geoff has developed a variety of skills to help people through some of the most challenging times they may face in their lives, including psychodynamic, cognitive, and solution-focused approaches.

Registered Social Worker Sarah Causton treats patients with mental health issues, parenting challenges, addiction, family transitions, parent-child attachment, self-harming behaviours, stress reduction, and strengthening relationships within one’s community.

Sarah embraces some directive and non-directive approaches, including narrative therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, solutions focussed, mindfulness, and attachment-based counselling.

Looking At the Outside

Lift your spirits with a brighter smile!

If you are hiding your smile because of shyness about your teeth, there are solutions for you. Enhancing your smile pays enormous dividends in the way you look, and in boosting your confidence.

Misaligned teeth

Misaligned teeth can be straightened with Invisalign, non-invasive transparent aligners designed for discreet temporary use. They gradually shift your teeth from their original placement to the final, straightened position as chosen by you and your dentist.

Cracked, missing, or damaged teeth

Cracked or damaged teeth can be replaced with partial dentures, implants and crowns, or if still healthy, covered with porcelain veneers.

Stained, aging, or yellowed teeth

Stained, aging, or yellowed teeth can be whitened with the Phillips Zoom Whitening procedure, giving you a sparkling smile to be proud of.

Regular oral hygiene

Whatever the condition of your teeth, regular oral hygiene and dental check-ups are critical to maintaining not only your looks but also your general health.

Next up? Your body’s largest organ – your skin!

Medical Aesthetics

Dry skin, brown spots, wrinkles, sun damage, acne, skin tags, unwanted hair, and other issues may be getting you down. The good news is that if you want to improve your skin’s texture, reduce rosacea, eliminate spider veins, permanently remove hair, or restore brightness, medical aesthetics offers advanced, safe, and effective solutions.

At Moss Street Healthcare Centre we partner with Luminesce Skin Rejuvenation where our laser technician and skin care specialist, aesthetician Charmaine Allan uses the most advanced products, equipment, and techniques to restore and enhance natural beauty and skin health.

“I believe everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and look their healthy, glowing best, no matter their age or skin challenges.” ~ Charmaine Allan

Enhanced facial aesthetics

Botox® is known for its effectiveness in treating head, jaw, shoulder, and neck pain, and is also useful for diminishing the severity of migraines.

At Moss Street Healthcare Centre, with our Enhanced Facial Aesthetics service, we also offer Botox® Cosmetic, and Dysport, which have proven effective in relaxing the muscles that cause lines and wrinkles such as “crows feet” fine facial lines, folds glabella (#11 lines), and forehead lines.

These neuromodulator injectables are safe and effective, smoothing out most existing lines and preventing the formation of new ones over time.

Chronic Pain

You can turn that frown upside down!

Chronic pain is debilitating wherever it resides. Our chiropractic team will help locate the source of your pain and gently ease you into wellness.

Careful examination includes taking a detailed history of your current complaint and general health and a chiropractic exam to get to the root of the problem. If the situation requires it, x-rays may be needed.

As with other therapies and services at Moss Street Healthcare Centre, chiropractic care includes understanding the whole of you.

  • Is emotional stress causing muscle tension or migraines?
  • Is there misalignment in the way you walk – your gait – that could be affecting other joints and causing pain? Custom orthotics might help you walk straight and with all over body comfort.
  • Would massage therapy help to relieve pain and tension?
  • Acupuncture?
  • Is there an underlying medical condition present that you are unaware of?

Naturopathic Medicine

A visit with one of our naturopathic doctors for an analysis of your nutrition, self-care practices, health challenges, and prescribed medications might be in order. Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are physicians who are clinically trained in modern scientific medicine and have a natural, holistic and gentle approach to health care.

Our naturopathic doctors are detail oriented; longer office visits mean that they can obtain the information needed to connect the dots, look at the big picture and search for the underlying cause of a patient’s health concerns. Working as a team with the patient and using the gentlest means possible, naturopathic doctors prescribe treatments to address the underlying cause and help bring the person back into balance.

Are you ready for a change?

This guide to rejuvenation is designed to motivate you. To get you thinking about possibilities, you might not have considered. To inspire you to enjoy the best version of yourself that you can be.

As always, our goal is to support you and your loved ones in your quest for optimal happiness and good health.

If you have any questions, or comments about what you’ve read here, please let us know.

If you’d like to arrange a visit with one of our practitioners, please do so here.

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Yours in health and happiness,

The Moss Street Healthcare Team.